Thursday 14 November 2013

Blog Make Over…

The last few weeks have been very busy and sadly distracted me from pottering on my blog.

I signed up to do two online courses. One on how to use Photoshop with Nicole's Classes, and the other a blogging course- Decor8-Blog My way- Intention & Style.

This blog was always a guinea pig design….I needed to start somewhere and learn the basics. And now, after six months of playing, Ive decided I enjoy blogging and I want to learn more and recreate my blog to represent me better.

Each week we are given homework/tasks to improve our blog. We pair up with a partner and critique each others blog. From that feedback we need to make some changes or improvements.
I have added  LinkWithin which hopefully will help you find other posts that may be of interest. Very excited about finding that….the things we learn!

Please be patient whilst I change over the template design, and iron out any little problems I might discover along the way. It may take me a few days (or more) to get it all sorted and back to normal and hopefully, easy to read and navigate.

And once Im finished I would love some feedback…
Until then…… I best get busy! Kx

Monday 4 November 2013

Girls' Bedroom Dresser-This week's Project!

As of 3pm yesterday afternoon, I became the proud owner of this ugly duckling......

Purchased on Ebay for a mere $30 (and within easy pick up range!!!), this little treasure is soon to have a complete makeover and find a new home in our girls bedroom.

The week before last I wrote this post about decorating our girls room.
Small steps, but Im slowly getting there.
Confetti spots on wall- tick!
Bed/ cot/linen- tick!
Dresser- now ....tick!

Keeping to a strict (and small) budget, I am now on the lookout to find a floor mat or rug and some artwork to complete this room.

Ive been searching on Ebay for a while now trying to find a tallboy/dresser (actually need two-one for our son's room as well) to revamp that we can place in their room for extra storage and somewhere to put some special treasures on. This dresser ticked the box for all requirements (although I would have loved for it to be a smidge taller).

Ive also been spending a bit of time on Pinterest and in magazines looking for fun idea's for our dresser makeover.

The images below are some of my favourites, and if you are in the makeover mode, perhaps their might be something there you like too.

Love the soft pink colour which suits the style of dresser so well. The raw timber detail left untouched as a reminder of what it once was. And how sweet are those confetti spots- nice colour combo! From a store in the US called KNACK Studios. If you are interested in restoring furniture, its worth visiting their blog/online store...very inspiring!

Although this one is being used as a nursery change table, I love the simple cream/white base with the gorgeous gold handwriting that swirls over each drawer. And how sweet are the rose handles in varying pink tones????? Could easily be transformed to be more age appropriate. Click on the link above and check out what a sweet room this is (yes, more beautiful photos!)! PS note coppery-gold confetti spots- Im addicted!

Another nursery change table.... but how fun is the chevron look and colour palette.
Goes to show you can have fun playing with some masking tape and your favourite colours.

I could imagine this would have been a very daggy looking dresser and one that could easily get looked over at a garage sale. But how great does it look painted yellow? Such a happy colour and would brighten up any room!

Two examples of the 'ombre' look.....the first one taking on a more old, distressed style and the second more contemporary. Buy a handful of your favourite colours in sample pots or buy one colour and gradually mix in white to mix your different shades. Pretty!

Perhaps Im being a bit boring but Im in love with this raspberry colour (just by itself) and think I will paint our new dresser, similar to this one. Might try and find some new drawer knobs.

Hopefully next week (or week after next!!) I will have some photos to share of our new dresser!

Have you given a makeover to an old piece of furniture 
and given it a second (or third, or fourth) lease of life?