Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Styling 101 Workshop with ISCD and Real Living Magazine

Last friday I headed south to Melbourne to participate in the Styling 101 Workshop run by Real Living Magazine and the International School of Colour & Design (ISCD).

It was a three hour workshop held at The Prince - a lovely boutique hotel in St Kilda. I have to say, I had an absolute ball and loved every second of this workshop. There were limited spaces (I think on memory about 40 spots only) and so the group was small. I met some lovely women all sharing a common interest, and the teams from both real Living Magazine and ISCD were so friendly and happy to chat. Can you believe the Styling Editor and National Marketing Manager for Real Living Magazine were both there and very happy to chat about their roles and anything else design related? You can imagine most of us in that room would have done anything to have their jobs- especially the Styling Editor!

So, what did I learn?
I learn't that the awful question everyone asks- What is your style?- shouldnt make you freeze up as you think to yourself your style is a combination of about twenty or so different styles. Creating your own style is about mixing everything you like all together but in a way that it flows together. So you can mix your love of boho with shabby chic or New York Glam- its how you put it together that makes or breaks it! And, as we all know, there is an art to that!

Obviously, you cant learn all the tricks of the trade in three hours- but we did cover quite a bit from learning a few of the basic golden rules of floor plans and furniture layout, choosing the right furniture to suit the mood and function of the space, developing moods and concepts and creating it with colour and texture. Also good tips on traffic flow and how much space to allow for walk through areas and seating. Heights of chairs, tables, artwork and positioning of floor rugs and finally the big word of the moment…VIGNETTES! We learn't a few tricks when it comes to clustering your pieces together whether it is a collection of art or special pieces on a sideboard.

It wasn't all about sitting back, listening and taking notes. There were two activities we had to do- putting together a mood board of all the things we love, and in a small group, we had fun making a  vignette.

The presenter and team from ISCD were fantastic, encouraging and so incredibly helpful. She spoke to us with such passion and using her experience both professionally and personally. I came home wanting to sign up to the Foundation Course (Cert IV in Design) at the ISCD. They really were an inspiring bunch!

The ticket was only $60 and included a delicious brunch, the workshop and a bag of goodies at the end. I can highly recommend these workshops to anyone interested as I felt it was exceptional value and even though, most of the information was common knowledge (to those who have an interest in interior styling), it was great reinforcement and nice to bounce ideas around both teachers and students, and keep up with current trends.

Below are some images I took on the day.

For more information on upcoming workshops and courses, contact ISCD 
or keep an eye out in Real Living Magazine.
The International School of Colour & Design offer a range of design related courses
which can be studied via distance education. All information available on the website.

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  1. Wow Kylie, I love your mood board and your vignette looks terrific, looks like you had a fantastic time at a beautiful venue.

  2. What a fantastic day, I love attending workshops like this and The Prince is such a gorgeous hotel in a great location. I'm sure you left feeling very inspired Kylie. xx

  3. Your photos of the day are stunning Kylie xx


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