Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Things I am Loving at the moment!

1.  Orangina Light Vintage Poster. This is the poster Bec & George on this years Block Skyhigh used in their kitchen. I instantly fell in love with the colours-its so fun....and well, I cant help but imagine that's the glamorous me...one day!

 2. Tulips- I love watching them grow from closed buds and standing upright to day by day, buds opening and stems going floppy. I treat myself to a bunch or two each trip to supermarket. They brighten up our kitchen table! $8 a bunch ($4 on special)...bargain!

3. My new book I purchased online at Booktopia- Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker
Holly has a blog which I love reading called Decor8. A great blog for those who love interior design and blogging. This book guides you through the process of decorating your own space and being confident with your own style.

4. Rhonna Design iPhone App- Have fun editing your photos with this great application. Lots of fonts, frames, backgrounds, filters and digital art to spruce up your photos!

5. Date Night- I really look forward to date nights with my husband. We don't get out much at the moment due to the children being so little still. Its not always though about going out (although that is such a treat especially not having to cook!)....we often have a night in and pretend its date night simply by eating together ( not with the kids) and watching a movie later. We used to play board games but these days Im too tired to concentrate and focus...A cuddle on the couch and a good show is more my thing. I came across this great gift idea- 'Lets go on a date' - from finding joy in the journey blog. There is an envelope for each month which contains an activity to do together, be it dinner out or just a night by the fire at home. What a lovely idea!

Things Im not loving at the moment.....
-Interupted sleep
-My never ending basket of laundry
-Sick children
-A messy house!

Enjoy your week...smile and stay warm!

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