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Catching up with Catherine from Farmhouse Home

Today, in our "Catching up with" series,  I am excited to have Catherine Bedson 
from the lovely food blog, Farmhouse Home.

Catherine is based in Melbourne and her blog is a collection of her love for all things foodie. Farmhouse Home was one of the first blogs I started reading. I fell in love with Catherine's rustic home style cooking and her passion for using fresh and seasonal produce and adding a healthy twist to it. I always feel like I'm being transported to a french farmhouse and can't wait to see what delicious dish Catherine has 'whipped' up.

On Farmhouse Home, Catherine shares her best loved recipes, as well as, her favourite food experiences, whether it be in Melbourne or on her travels. Catherine studied commercial cooking after having her children and has worked in catering, so her knowledge and experience is extensive. As a Mum, her cooking is wholesome, homely, heartwarming and nourishing.

Catherine also takes all her own photos and has such a knack with styling them to leave you drooling for the next hour! Recently her blog underwent a makeover- beautifully illustrated by the clever Lucy King, this blog is so lovely to look at, easy to read and really sums up Catherine's personality.

So, some questions for Catherine…….

1. What are your five favourite ingredients you currently love cooking with?
Different oils, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil & macadamia oil for baking. Garlic as it adds flavour and depth to a dish, anchovies because when they're blended well into a dish they add a salty, rich flavour and quinoa and cauliflower because they're so versatile.

2. Cooks/Chefs that inspire you? 
Bill Granger because he's a self taught cook who creates easy to follow recipes that work beautifully.  I also love Matt Moran and Pete Evans,  I can't wait for Pete's new healthy cookbook to come out.

3. Favourite Melbourne Dining experience? 
Andrew O'Connell's restaurant Cutler and Co in Fitzroy and an italian restaurant called Caterina's where my husband took me for lunch on Valentine's Day, the food and hospitality was superb.

4. How would you describe your blog Farmhouse Home and why did you start blogging?
Farmhouse Home is a blog about my love of rustic food with a healthy twist served family style.  Sharing those recipes and connecting with people.  I started blogging as an outlet for my creativity and to meet like minded people.

5. Have you a favourite meal you enjoy cooking with your family and friends?
 I love slow cooked food especially shoulder of lamb.

6. Ultimate travel destination …and why?
France, I've been to Paris many times but would love to spend an extended period of time driving the french countryside eating at local bistros and experiencing the fresh food markets and brocantes for vintage dishes and cookware. 

7. Favourite wine or beverage to drink at the moment???
 I love Rose, when I was in Adelaide over Christmas, friends recommended Charles Melton, Rose of Virginia as being a really good one, so need to track this one down.

8. Favourite cookbook?   
A baking book called "Love, Bake, Nourish" has given me alot of pleasure.  From baking the recipes, gazing at the styling and design and even the name feeds my soul.

9. How would you describe your cooking style?
 I like to cook simple, unfussy, seasonal food with lots of flavour.

10. Favourite foodie places in Melbourne?
Markets & Stores:  definitely South Melbourne Market, I think it's the best fresh produce market in Melbourne.  Don't forget to line up at the dim sim store, for a famous Sth Melbourne Market dim sim at the end of your shopping.  My daughter and I love popping into Thomas Dux on the weekend for the lovely food you can buy there.  Oasis Bakery where you can buy any middle eastern ingredient you can imagine, they also have a bakery and cafe.  Noisette in Port Melbourne, an authentic french bakery with the most delicious bread, cakes and fruit buns.

Cafes:  Chez Dre, South Melbourne
Pizza:  DOC in Carlton, Mornington or newly opened Albert Park restaurant, 

Italian:  Tiamo Bistro, Lygon Street, Carlton, not Tiamo II next door but the place next to it on the corner.

Below are some of my favourite recipe posts of Catherine's-
(Please note-All images taken by Catherine Bedson and can be found on Farmhouse Home)

Chicken & Mushroom Risotto- Recipe here

Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpea & Quinoa Salad- Recipe here

Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings- Recipe here

Cherry & Almond Tart- Recipe here

Coconut & Chia Granola Bars- Recipe here

If you enjoy reading food blogs, I would highly recommend having a look at Farmhouse Home. Keep up to date with new posts by following Catherine on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or add Farmhouse Home to your Bloglovin- where you will never miss a post! 

Have a lovely day, and if needing some inspiration for tonight's dinner….
make yourself a cuppa and head over to Farmhouse Home ! 
You might need to refill your cup!!

Have a great day x


  1. Hi Kylie, wow what a fabulous post, thank you so much. I'm very flattered and appreciative of your lovely words and so enjoy your writing style, your blog looks so good. We'll have to meet one day! XO

    1. Absolute pleasure Catherine x You have a lovely blog that needs to be shared with the world!!! Looking forward to one day catching up…Thanks again Kx

  2. Hi Kylie, lovely to meet you here. I'm a huge fan of Catherine's blog also, what I love is that there is always a story attached and Catherine so very genuine and warm. I agree that there's some seriously good food styling going on also! Great interview and intro! BTW, I can attest that Cherry Almond Tart is divine! Mel

    1. Thank you Mel so much for dropping by and for your lovely comments. You have certainly summed up Catherine's style of writing, cooking and her blog….totally agree x And I cant wait to try that Cherry & Almond Tart!!! xx Also popped over to see your blog- beautiful- and I look forward to reading some more! Kx

  3. Those dumplings looks so delicious, I am so making them. Great post Kylie.

    1. Thanks Yvette! I have tried the dumplings and can definitely say they are delicious and we will be making them again, and again, and again!!! xxx

  4. Hi Kylie, What a lovely post about Catherine. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Adelaide during Eat Drink Blog and have been following her work ever since. Lovely to find your site (and your Instagram posts) too.

  5. Wonderful blog post - I love Catherine's blog and her recipes...gorgeous food styling too!

  6. Hello Kylie,

    What a great interview and post about Catherine and her wonderful blog!
    I've been following Farmhouse Home ever since I started blogging.

    I'm a passionate cook and subscribe to healthy eating. Not ever having a sweet tooth I've never been interested in desserts. Catherine has encouraged me to start baking, devising some wonderful, easy and healthy recipes. She's my go to blog for those..

    I love her styling. Always enticing and seductive and I'm so proud of her blog re-design which fits her perfectly.
    Thank you ladies x


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