Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Discovering your style….

We are currently renting and I have to say, I cannot wait to buy our next home and start properly nesting and decorating it again. Decorating, so it really is our home and reflects us as a family. A home that is practical, cosy, comfy, colourful and is filled with bits and bobs that tell our story.

In the meantime, I turn to pinterest to put together snippets of my dream house to be. Below are some of my favourite images for living, kitchen and bedrooms. Links to images can be found via here.

In case you can't tell- I love a neutral base to start with and layer up with lots of colour and texture- gorgeous floor rugs, cushions, bed linen, simple furniture pieces (in raw form or splashed with some colour) and artwork. I love raw timber and old mixed in with new. I can't go past a feature wall and as you can see light is a must and lots of greenery (inside and out!). Thats the great thing about creating mood boards- you can really discover your own style and draw on inspiration from so many beautiful images.

Are you a pinterest addict???


  1. Yes I am a Pinterest addict. These pictures of your dream home are stunning, I hope you get to build it one day.

  2. Pinterest can definitely be a rabbit burrow that draws you in. However I pin so many different styles and have no ability to pull any of them together. You look like you have a much more focused and gorgeous sense of style!

  3. I absolutely love that very first couch shot - the blue one with the gorgeous colourful cushions. x

  4. I love your taste Kylie, gorgeous interiors. I hope you get to move into your own house soon, our house is going on the market Saturday week so I'm looking forward to redecorating our new place when we find it.

  5. Oh my Kylie...what gorgeous homes and rooms! I have resisted Pinterest because I know I would quickly become addicted! Have a great week x

  6. A lot of inspiring interiors, thanks for sharing !
    I particularly love the library and the room after the cow :)


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