Thursday, 9 October 2014

Introducing……The Pink Paddock Store!

So, Im back again….this time with a glass of champagne in hand as I type.

Why, you may ask??? Well this afternoon I finally launched my new business- Pink Paddock Store.
Today has been filled with mixed emotions…stressed and anxious trying to get website finished, tired from a late night sorting and packaging cards, nervous about pressing that go LIVE button on site, and then extreme excitement as my first order came through only 20 minutes later! And not from a family member or friend either, I might add. Although I now consider Erin a good friend! Thank you Erin!!
Not long after a few more orders trickled through and I have to say its been overwhelming the support Ive had on the PPS Facebook page and Instagram feed. Thank you all so much x

But some info on Pink Paddock Store…..

Pink Paddock Store is a small boutique online stationery store, selling gift cards designed by me and printed by one of our local (and amazing) printers! Im proud to have a product that is made in rural Australia and supports local industry.

 Watermelon Card- Found here.

The current range is small and new designs will be added in the next few weeks. I also will have gift tags and (dare I say….) Christmas cards arriving soon too!
My aim is to beable to stock a good all round range that enables 'one stop' shopping and where you can browse through and find something that suits. I also want them to be colourful and fun! Afterall, receiving a card in the post always makes one smile!

The boxed sets are great value and will mean your stationery cupboard is stocked. I also love that they can be framed as well or just simply taped on the wall next to your computer for some fun and inspiration!

So, if you are a paper lover like me, and have a spare moment…I would love for you to pop over and visit my new store. There are some individual cards available, as well as postcards, box sets and some A4 Prints. Im also running a Promo until next Sunday the 19th October, 2014. All online purchases over $30 will receive a free A4 print (valued at $14.95). Conditions Apply- only valid for Australian postal addresses and the print is one pictured and is unframed.

If you would like to stay up to date with any Pink Paddock Store news you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

And if you feel like some online shopping this weekend I would love you to stop by!!!


  1. HUGE congratulations Kylie, Pink Paddock is simply stunning and so adorable. I am sure you will be a huge success. I know how you feel about being a little anxious. I still feel that way about what I am doing. Follow your heart and the rest will fall into place xox

  2. Kylie they are all just so beautiful! Clever you. Wishing you all the very best best. Enjoy that glass do champagne x

  3. That's absolutely gorgeous Kylie! Congratulations, they're truly adorable and beautiful! :D

  4. Wow Kylie. This is such wonderful news! Congratulations. I'm popping over to the new website now xx

  5. Gorgeous paper goods Kylie – well done and congrats on your new venture!


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