Sunday, 16 June 2013

Five Blogs Im following at the moment.....

The world of blogging intrigues me.......

There is just so much information out there that we can access at the push of a keypad.
Yes, Google is fantastic for finding the answer to removing stubborn grass stains from your child's pants or red wine from carpet. Or perhaps finding a recipe to use up that leftover turnip stashed in your fridge. Even finding You tube videos teaching you DIY jobs around the house. Its endless!

Blogs however, invite you into a very personalised world of someone, be it that they are near or on the other side of the world. The topics and discussions are endless, and in many ways I feel it is a way of each blogger expressing themselves in an open diary situation. So without sounding like I have stalking tendencies, I just love reading blogs and could easily spend my days browsing and going from blog to blog.

Here are five blogs Im currently following......

1. The cook who knew nothing - A finalist in the 2013 Best Australian Blogs Award.
If you are into food and photography, then you will enjoy this site. Tanya Zouev is a food and lifestyle photographer, and this blog is a result of her passion for both subjects. She shares practical yet delicious recipes. If the recipes don't make you drool, her beautiful photos will! I love her styling- both photography and writing.
Photos taken by Tanya Zouev

How delicious does it look? 
This blog is definitely worth a look for any foodie!

2. Nicoles Classes - Late one night I was exploring the net trying to find some on line tutoriols on how to use Photoshop and Illustrator programs. I came across -based in the United States. They offer a range of art & design courses online. I have since signed up to the Illustrator course and well, I want to do them all. Nicole has found the inner design goddess in me! Im hooked!
The blog is just a daily snippet of courses they are running, topics related to classes, free tutorials and downloads available, and creative works by their students. If interested in doing any online classes from photography to sewing to water colour to design, check this site out!

3. At Penny Lane- Meet Bec, a mum from the Gold Coast. At Penny Lane is a blog about styling your home without spending a lot. Its about being creative, on a budget, but with great results. Bec's topics aren't just about being a decor queen but also about being a busy mum to two small children, food, life in general and better blogging tips. I love the diversity of her blog....each blog is a surprise and a bit like reading your favourite mag! 

4. Not Quite Nigella- Yes, another foodie blog. Not Quite Nigella is a lovely collection of restaurant/ cafe/ travel reviews, and a collection of NQN recipes. I enjoy the stories that go along with each piece. And I love the title.....Quite relate to that one. Im currently reading the writers latest book called Not Quite Nigella- of course!  

5. Caitlin Wilson - This is the blog that tempts my craving for gorgeous fabrics and textiles. A very easy blog to read, filled mainly with photos of home wares. I just love her current range of cushions.

Photo taken from Caitlin Wilson Textiles website

Have you a favourite blog you are following at the moment....please share! kx

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