Monday, 10 June 2013

I love long weekends......

I love long fact, I dont know anyone really who doesn't 
(except for those who have to work!)

This weekend we stayed at home and just had a few outings locally with our kids. 
One trip being to the Albury Botanical Gardens.
Its just stunning this time of year with the Autumn shades and fallen leaves scattered everywhere. 
This avenue of trees is a beautiful location for some happy snaps, which was my plan...
to try and capture some lovely shots of our eldest two running and playing,
however, it didn't quite work out! 

They are still a bit too young to listen to any creative direction suggested by their parents and when asked to smile they pull a face that they think is a happy one but looks like one of pain instead!

They did have loads of fun running and hiding behind the gorgeous trees and gardens, and playing in the Childrens Garden- a special spot designed just for the little ones where they can play with dinosaurs and hide in fairy houses.

Needless to say, we ALL came home exhausted!!!

Hope you had a fun long weekend....kx

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