Tuesday, 3 September 2013

10 ways to Recycle your Juice Pulp

Since buying my juicer a month ago, I've been enjoying my new daily ritual of making and drinking a juice. And yes, Im feeling all the better for it. I have even lost a few kilos which Im attributing to the juices Ive been making (lots of greens-celery, spinach, cucumber, green apples and a wedge of lemon). Apparently this combo is good for weight loss and I certainly don't feel as bloated. My diet has otherwise not changed and exercise regime is still non existent!

On a nutritional and practical level though, it's not only a great way of getting a load of fruit and vege into you that you normally wouldn't, but its uses up the ones that may otherwise sit and rot away at the bottom of the vegie crisper.

Along with the juice though comes the pulp, and there is generally a lot of it.
Pulp is fibre and has no significant nutritional value but it still plays an important part in the digestive process. It's job is to clean out your digestive tract as it makes it way through your body. So, you don't have to feel too bad for tossing it in the bin, however, I decided to do a quick google search and see what I could do with the leftovers rather than wasting it.

Here is 10 ways I found to use up that leftover pulp......

1. Add to your Green bin, Compost or worm farm- the most logical thing to do for the busy person!

2. Try making Veggie Pulp Loaf using this recipe.

Photo courtesy of www.plantoeat.com  

3. Or this Veggie Pulp Sandwich Bread- recipe.

4. Make your own Vegie stock. Simply, using vegie pulp only, place in a big pot, add parsley and other herbs of choice. Fill with enough water to cover all the pulp and boil for 20 mins with half an onion and some cloves of garlic. Strain and use stock in your favourite soups and sauces. The rest can now go in the compost!

5. Add to your favourite Smoothie recipe for extra fibre.

6. Mix in with some cream cheese and make a Vegie spread for sandwiches. Season with salt and pepper or some garlic to flavour to your taste.

7. Make some fibre treats for your furry friends. Try this recipe...

Photo courtesy of www.rawmazing.com

or just add to their food bowl as is.

8. Vegie Burgars- try this recipe.

Photo courtesy of www.glowkitchen.com

9. Make muffins substituting the fruit or vegies for pulp. e.g.. carrot and apple.

10. And if you just dont have time to whip something up straight away, place in a sealed bag and freeze it. Like anything though, its always better to use whilst fresh!

Im personally not sure if I will make the time to recycle the pulp on a daily basis, but the dogs might benefit (lucky them) from having a hit of fibre once a week, and Im keen to try the loaf or bread recipe at some stage. The rest will just have to join the green waste bin!

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