Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Girls Room Makeover.....My Inspiration!

We have been in our new home for just a month and Im still unpacking boxes. Not many left, but Im at the point where Im feeling too unmotivated to finish the last few remaining!

And its hard to keep focused on the boring jobs when Im tempted by other fun things like decorating.
Ive been excited about finally putting together a room that is fun and pretty for our two girls. One being 3 years and the other just 1!

I had been eyeing off some wall decals for ages but just couldn't find anything I liked that I thought would suit both personalities and outlast the baby/toddler stage. Also, as we are renting, I needed something that will add some sparkle but not be a permanent feature.

Then I came across these lovely happy confetti spots on Etsy.
Look Sugar have a wonderful array of wall decals.

(Image from Etsy- Look Sugar)

 I took inspiration from this blog by Emily from The Beetle Shack.
How gorgeous are these spots? And the colours are so happy and fun for a little girl.

(Image from Beetleshack blog)

So my spots arrived last week.......

and I spent an hour or so 'confetti spotting' the girls wall. Lucky for me, confetti is easier to put on the wall and no measuring or painful marking out straight lines was required! It was actually fun playing with colours and placing them all over so they looked like they 
were just floating down from the ceiling.
The wall they were stuck too is actually a feature wall painted by the owners and its almost a dull brown/gold colour. Not that feminine really....but thankfully it goes well with pinks, teals and turquoises which are the colours I chose. I also picked a sunshine yellow, gold and light blue. I didnt actually use the blue in the end as I thought it didnt blend with the other colours plus its not a big area so I didnt want to add too many colours.

 So, now its time to style the room!
Ive found some lovely accessories which I think would suit the room, like this Large Rattan Pendant Light in pastel pink from The Family Love Tree. Lots of colours to choose from...too many in fact. All gorgeous!

Who can go past a colourful pom pom garland to hang 
from some picture frames or along the window frame?
I love these garlands from O.B. Designs.

Especially the berry tones....

The girls were each both given a lovely and very special piece of artwork from dear friends.  These paintings will be placed on the left hand wall opposite the window.
I would like to add some fun digital artwork that can be clustered together or sit on top of a dresser.
Such as these ones found again on Etsy.

I also need to find some floor covering and Im on the look out on Ebay for a second hand tall boy which I hope to paint....thinking pink, like this one I found on Pinterest.

I guess the overall feel of the room I hope to achieve is a room that the girls love being in there. Somewhere to display their special toys and gifts, and a place to retreat to and play with their dollhouse together. A pretty place but not too girly.

So, I best get busy and continue my mini mission of Girls Room Makeover! I also am working on our 2 year old son's room too.....which I hope to blog about as well.

Have you any budget makeover tips? 
Are you a Pinterest fan or gather inspiration from magazines?
Would love to hear your ideas.....


  1. I love what you've done with the girl's room Kylie! The dots are fantastic, I sometimes forget to have a look on Etsy for ideas and handmade products. Bunting could be a nice budget addition to the room. I gather inspiration from magazines all the time and have so many that I did a clean out last weekend and as painful as it was took a heap of them to the Op Shop. :) x

    1. Thanks Catherine....bunting always looks lovely and can made on a budget- homemade with fabric or paper. May need to add that to the list too. I know all about that pile of magazines too....but nice to know that others will get some enjoyment from them too xx

  2. Kylie, this looks great! I am loving your ideas and may have to steal some. Hope all is going well in your new home and town.

  3. I like your confetti makeover, your little girls room looks lovely. Finding reasonable- inexpensive ways to decorate a room is one of my favourite things to do too... A fav of mine id dried flower bunting, it can look super gorgeous and very inexpensive to do. Nice to meet you! Rachael

    1. Hi Rachel...thanks for that tip. I haven't seen dried flower bunting so might do a quick google or search on Pinterest. Sounds interesting!And I love the word 'inexpensive'!!! ;-))) Appreciate you reading my blog and your comment!!!! Thanks again!


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