Friday, 25 October 2013

Some Christmas Shopping Favourites for under $100!...and perfect for Posting!

Can you believe that Christmas is all of a few months away?

This time of year always flies past and next thing you know its mid december, stinking hot, Im cranky because I can't find a carpark and trying to juggle Christmas shopping with children.

Hello late night internet shopping! My saviour......

So in the lead up to the weekend (and Christmas!!) I have bundled together some gifts that I have found and earmarked. They are particularly ideal for posting - all being lightweight and small.

I hope to share a few more posts with some more ideas, including some home made options too in the next month.

Natalia Kaftan (Fushia Hearts) from Peggy
How gorgeous is this Kaftan shirt??? I wish they had one in my size!
A gorgeous addition to any little girls wardrobe for spring, summer and autumn!

A sentence a Day Journal from Kiki K
I have always loved the idea of a Gratitude Journal, but reality is, over the course of a year I would repeat what Im grateful for quite a few times! Bit boring...
A Sentence A Day Journal does require a daily entry, but what I love about it is that each entry can be about whatever you want. Great for anyone who loves to jot down ideas, thoughts, inspirations and recording memories. And being a sentence gives you no excuse not to complete this daily task. It has space for three years so my thoughts were I would write a sentence for each child for one year. A sentence which highlights something they did or said which made my heart melt. 

Red Audrey Wallet from Status Anxiety
I just love this wallet and when my current one finally needs replacing, this is the one I would happily take home! If my husband reads this....hint hint xx

2014 Desk Calender from Anrol Designs
Looking for a fun gift under $15 for someone with a quirky sense of humour?
These make me laugh out loud, cross my legs (!!) and grip my tummy!
I have noticed they can be found on a few websites and cost about $20, so best to buy direct from the Anrol Designs website as they are about $15. Just a tip!
They also have a great range of cards and tea towels.

Chevron Letterpressed Christmas Cards from Misiu
Who loves divine Christmas cards?
Cant beat these gorgeous letterpressed ones for that super special gift!

Barr-Co Soap available from Tabletonic
Another stocking filling or party kris kringle gift that is
 inexpensive yet oozes luxury and happy thoughts!

Blue pompom Clutch available from Tabletonic 
A fun and inexpensive clutch (or make up bag) for a girlfriend or sister who loves a bit of Boho and colour!

I am a huge fan of these turkish cotton towels. Super summery, available in a beautiful range of colours (deciding which colour is very hard!!!) and not only are they the perfect accessory poolside or at the beach they make great sarongs, baby wraps, bed throws, bathroom hand towels and table cloths. 
They are also perfect for that beach holiday which requires travelling and limited space- 
they are lightweight and compact!
Shop around for other sites- I found mine on Temple & Webster. They were reduced quite a bit and Ive noticed they have relisted the sale a few times so worth joining up (if not already a member) and keeping eyes open!

Attention fellow Instagrammers-
A fun gift to post to loved ones far away (or near) are these great magnets 
made from photos from your instagram collection.
Its a nice way to use those great snaps taken throughout the year 
and share them. Easy to order online. 
About $15 for nine magnets which are roughly the size of the pics on iPhone.
Perhaps use them to make some homemade Christmas cards!
Another fun instagram project are these posters made up of instagram images. 

Finally, one for the blokes! A great compact shoe buffing kit that takes up minimal space in the linen cupboard or in a suitcase. 
Check out Little Nest's online store for other great gift ideas!

Hope these few ideas have helped motivate and inspire that Christmas shopping list!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. What great Christmas present ideas Kylie! I love the Instagram magnets and posters and the red wallet (to bad I've just bought a new one). Who wouldn't be happy with any of these gifts. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thks so much Catherine.....Tried your cauliflower, chickpea & quinoa salad last night- Absolutely delicious! Lloking forward to leftovers for lunch today in a chicken wrap!!! My Mum has been staying and I showed her your blog- she loves it! Found yourself another follower!;-)))

  3. I absolutely love Kikki K, and the watermelon towels, love love love, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Yvette! I loved your shopping fav's on your blog. Such good way to find fresh and lovely gifts for all times of the years!


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