Monday, 30 December 2013

52/52 Weekly Stills- Wrapping up 2013……

1. Christmas Eve excitement
2. Christmas lanterns in the garden
3. Oh, where to start first……
4. A favourite Xmas decoration…been dropped, broken and lovingly repaired.
5. A boy and his dog
6.  Overly loved up little friends- Kaloo & Kaloo two!
7. Pile of towels at back door waiting for the spontaneous swim in blow up pool
8. Passionfruit growing on our vine
9. Our teeny tiny (yet productive) veggie patch
10. A pretty 'pop up' plant found in our garden- Im guessing it's a noxious weed because they keep popping up everywhere. This one got away from me but Im glad…the flowers are so pretty and the colour so festive
11. The gorgeous mix of Aggies and clusters of old white roses
12. Watch me grow- I have no idea what this is…Any ideas? Ornamental Pomagrante or persimmon perhaps???

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoying this festive period……kx

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