Thursday, 2 January 2014

Raspberry & Honeycomb Ice Cream

Summer has now officially hit us, which means for us lots of running around under the sprinkler, splashing in the blow up swimming pool, kids jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath, lazing under the cooler watching kids movies and …… 
One of the perks of having children is that guilt free pleasure of serving up dollops of ice cream on cones to the kids and having a scoop or two for yourself. After all, one in, all in, I say!

Its a fun treat which we all look forward to each afternoon, and with this becoming a daily event, the best way to keep up the ice cream supply is to make it yourself. I am fortunate to have been given an ice cream machine a few years ago, so thankfully the most difficult part of the task is actually deciding which recipe to make.

With a few punnets of raspberry's and a craving for honeycomb, the decision was fairly easy to make.
Within an hour the ice cream was made and freezing its way to tummy heaven.

The recipe for the ice cream can be found here, and the honeycomb here.
Frozen raspberries can be used instead of fresh and a crushed up violet crumble bar instead of making the honeycomb. But trust me, the honeycomb is incredibly easy and takes all of ten minutes.

So now that I have rediscovered how easy it is to whip up this summery treat, I am getting excited about making some passionfruit ice cream with fruit off our vine, and some sorbet with fresh lemons from the tree. And don't even get me started on how to feed my chocolate addiction……

Have you a favourite ice cream flavour???

Until next time……kx


  1. Gorgeous photos, and yes we love ice cream as well. My daughter Olivia got a soft serve machine for Christmas and we have been busy making soft serve. Our favourite is Chocolate of course.

    1. Hi Yvette…Enjoy the Soft Serve Machine. What a great idea! I bet it's a hit with the whole family, not just Olivia! Lovely to hear from you x

  2. How good does that shot look of the ice cream melting down the cone. I can taste it now! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Kylie! Leigh

    1. Thanks Leigh….Hope you had a merry Christmas too - Im sure you treated your family & friends a delicious feast xxx Thanks for popping by!x


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