Tuesday, 28 January 2014

4/52- Weekly Stills

1. Stealing a very quiet moment to sit down and read my new favourite mag- Renegade Collective- incredibly inspiring! Filled with stories of people who have turned their dreams into reality and the importance of never giving up on something you are passionate about.
2. Ive had a bit of a thing for beetroot this summer. Having eaten it boiled, roasted and freshly grated, I finally got around to pickling some….heavenly! Hellooooo…hamburgers!
3 & 4. Our eldest flower fairy (all frocked up) exploring in her grandparent's garden…her happy place!
5. Gorgeous Salvia 
6. Happy Australia Day…..the flower fairy is back!
7. Lamington Cake to celebrate Australia Day and our 5th year anniversary of getting engaged! What a great combo- freshly made sponge cake, jam, cream, chocolate icing and coconut sprinkled on top! Yum x


  1. beetroot is heaven. when i pickle them here they are devoured within a week! x

    1. How good are they???? Totally underated…takes me back to my childhood. Thks for dropping by Ashley x


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