Monday, 17 February 2014

7/52 Weekly Stills

1 & 2. Two of my favourite old buildings in Echuca. I love the colours and the signage, especially the old Echuca Coffee Palace. Oh, the stories these buildings could tell!
3. Who doesn't like the old windmill 'Motel' sign???
4. Seeking inspiration- just a few of my many cook books……
5. Our St Valentine's Day dessert. Recipe here.
6. Our Pomegrante tree is riddled with fruit. Im so excited although still have no idea if they are real or ornamental???? The suspense is killing me. We also had some much needed rain over the weekend so the garden is looking so much happier, and lawns desperately need a cut!
7. A little girl enjoying every mouthful of an ice cream that was melting faster then it was consumed!
8. A trip to the Yabby Farm to purchase these little fellows.

Hope you had a good week! Kx


  1. officially jealous that you have a pomegranate tree. beautiful! i'd love to get that book that's on the top... falling cloudberries? i'm all about recipe books...

    the heart fruit tart looks delicious!

  2. Lovely photos Kylie! I'd love a pomegranate tree, fingers crossed they're real. x


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