Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nothing beats the Breakfast Muffin!

Im a big breakfast fan, but often fall into the old routine trap of eating the same thing every day for six months. Or worse still, I feed the kids and then a few hours later having got caught up in 'other stuff' realise I havent had anything except my habitual morning coffee. 

The children have a mix of fruit or toast or both…but some mornings even they struggle to eat a substantial breakfast (so easily distracted by thoughts of play!). Thats when its time to whip up some muffins. And when I say whip up, I do mean that- they are quick and easy to make and with some imagination you can basically add whatever you have fruit wise lying around and jazz it up with pantry staples. We usually make some form of a banana muffin (like these)- such a great way of using up fruit thats on its way out!

This is a recipe adapted from here. Ive used the mixture as a base for the muffin mix, then added in sultanas and finely chopped almonds for some extra goodness. Be careful not to add too much as you dont want a dry mix.

The mini muffins were baked at 180 deg celcius for about 12-15 minutes- keep checking them as you dont want then to overcook and dry out. I also baked some larger size muffins which took about 20 minutes. 

Best served at our house- straight off the cooling tray, outside where the kids can crumb all they like!!!, and with a cup of cold milk to wash it all down. Our batch of 24 lasted 10 minutes!!!!

No more excuses for not having a relatively healthy breakfast……..happy days……

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