Friday 7 March 2014

Heavenly Figs

As you know last saturday I popped down to our local farmers markets and came home with lots of goodies. I stocked up on fresh bread, some veggies, honey, eggs, and my favourite find- a crate of figs.

I love figs, especially fresh, and with a crateful in front of me, I was on a mission to use them all up wisely….

My all time favourite way of eating figs fresh is with some Natural Greek Yoghurt, topped with sliced up figs, drizzled with honey and toasted flaked almonds sprinkled on top- oh, and a sprig of mint. I also added some fig puree (stolen from the pre fig paste making pot!) as well just to add some extra flavour to the yoghurt.  A very quick and simple breakfast or dessert.

Suggested by the lady who grew these figs, is this simple combination- Slice of bread (I used a fig and hazelnut loaf bought at markets) topped with some cream cheese, then slices of figs, drizzle some maple syrup over and pop under the griller to warm up and brown the bread. Delish!

And, with 3 kilos of figs up my sleeve I had to make some sort of preserve…..a fig paste served with cheese. Simple pleasures! This batch was adapted from maggie Beer's classic recipe. I added two pears as well in the stewing process just for some extra flavour. Served with gooey soft cheese and some fig and hazelnut loaf (purchased at the markets).

I still have quite a few left over. Im itching to make this fresh fig and almond breakfast cake and also this roasted fig tart with orange blossom, cinnamon and mint cream filling. The rest will be used to make into this Spiced Fig and ginger Jam which I think sounds rather yummy!

So, am I figged out yet????…….No way!

Have you any favourite fig recipes?


  1. Oh you have inspired me to visit our local farm shop and get some figs!

    1. Oh Im so pleased Cath- they really are so delish xxx enjoy them x

  2. Hehe we're so the same with figs! I can't get enough of them. In fact tomorrow's post is a fig one! I wish I had a fig tree but living in an apartment means that that is a dream... :P


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