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Catching up with Emma from She Sows Seeds

She Sows Seeds is a blog written by the very talented and clever Emma Steendam. Emma writes about snippets of her life, living in rural Gippsland, Victoria, with her farmer husband and soon to arrive Baby.

I have been following Emma's blog now for about a year. Back then, Emma and her husband were living and working over in South Australia on a farm. Earlier this year they moved back closer to family and friends, to their home region of Gippsland.

Emma shares stories about their life in a rural community, setting up a home and growing a garden. She is very handy with a crochet hook and a sewing machine, and a real whizz in the kitchen. She is also a professional photographer, so her photos are always a delight to look at. And to add to all of that, Emma even has her own online store selling all her own homemade children's wear and accessories, called Little Miss Emma- definitely worth having a look!

Emma is currently 38 weeks pregnant (as this post goes to air!) and so She Sows Seeds has also been a lovely way to document her pregnancy and for Emma to share this special and personal journey along with her thoughts and plans for motherhood.

What I love about this blog, is that for me it represents pure and simple country living. Emma's stories and photos are what I yearn to see in Country living magazines…..for me, this is what real country living is all about!  I love that her content varies- recipes, crafty DIY tutorials, garden updates,  decorating her home,  thoughts on living in a rural community and now the excitement of a baby soon to arrive, which will no doubt add another lovely dimension to Emma's blog. She Sows Seeds is beautifully written; romantic yet real. Emma is incredibly passionate about rural living and supporting the farming community. My visits to She Sows Seeds are like catching up with a dear friend. And did I mention….Gorgeous photos- Emma can make even a mint plant look simply amazing…see below!

So today on our "Catching up with" series,  Im thrilled to introduce the very lovely and very heavily pregnant Emma Steendam……x

1. What do you love most about living in the country?
Gosh - where to begin...the space, the freedom, the slow pace, not having (close by) neighbours, the sense of community. I do love Melbourne, and lived in the city during uni and boarding school, but my heart belongs to the country, after a weekend in the big smoke it's always nice to come home.

2. Name three things you currently can't live without?
A crochet hook nearby (I have way too many projects on the go at once!), orange juice I've craved throughout my pregnancy and my comfy pillow I sleep with these days as I'm 37 weeks pregnant and getting a bit uncomfortable with not much sleep!

3. How would you define your personal style and where do you find your inspiration and creative ideas from?
I think my style is a combination of modern country farmhouse, a bit of French provincial, a bit of classic Cape Cod, a bit of vintage eclectic. It depends on my mood! I love to scour markets like Camberwell or Glen Waverley bazaar and antique and vintage shops, and although our home is bursting at the seams I still like to look and get inspiration, sometimes for an idea to evolve into a crafty blog post or decorating idea. 

4. Tea or coffee…?
Tough call...but probably coffee. Good coffee.

5. Favourite time of the day?
First thing in the morning at the moment as I'm getting up super early with my pregnancy insomnia! The day is fresh and anything could happen, full of possibility. My husband makes me breakfast, I make the coffee, simple stuff.
6. Why did you start your blog, She Sows Seeds?
I've blogged since early 2008, first as 'Little Miss Emma' (my handmade children's wear business) and then as 'Cinderella at Brindabella' when we moved home to Gippsland to my family's farm. After our wedding we packed up our life, sold our car and dogs, quit our jobs and headed north indefinitely, working on a cattle station in outback Queensland and then traveling around Australia. I blogged about our adventures on 'The Happy Campers'. When we finally returned and back to reality, I craved having a home and garden again, I'm a total nester at the best of times, and I really missed having a consistent blog full of content that I was passionate about. 'She Sows Seeds' was born just as we embarked on a new adventure living and working on the Limestone Coast in South Australia. As I'd changed blogging identities so much over the years I wanted She Sows Seeds to be my 'forever home' for blogging. I try to keep content simple to homely things, gardening, baking, sewing, decorating and crafty bits and pieces. She Sows Seeds tries to celebrate a simple country lifestyle that we try to lead, with a focus on rural living and farming.  

7. Some favourite blogs you love following?
I'm addicted to Beth over at BabyMac, I also love Kate from Foxs Lane, Jodi from Practising Simplicity, Em from The Beetle Shack. There's some chicks in the Aussie blogosphere kicking some serious butt at the moment.

8. Dream job?
I think I have it right now! I'm a freelance photographer (currently on maternity leave) - I studied photography for three years at university, majoring in commercial photography so probably should be taking photos for car advertising campaigns or something...instead I point my lens at things I bake for the blog, newborn babes, happy families and lovely couples on their wedding day. I have a love/hate relationship with the type of work I do - sometimes I absolutely love doing weddings and children's shoots, but I also like to keep my hand in the commercial field for magazines and businesses to keep my commercial photography brain ticking. 

9. Favourite recipe (at the moment)? If recipe on blog- can link to!
I made this pear and walnut custard tart recently which was a bit of a hit, the shortcrust pastry is super easy to make in a food processor and my husband is a huge custard lover so this went down a treat... (photo below).

10. Current DIY project?
So many! I'm desperately trying to put the finishing touches on our baby's nursery, if you could see our lounge room at the moment there are about seven crochet projects strewn across the couches and coffee table and floor! I'm working on a giant doily floor rug which is causing me a bit of grief, as well as several baby blankets because I just couldn't decide which one to make so I'm making about five! I've also got some little overalls for our cousin's little baby's 1st birthday on my sewing machine I need to finish off. Always unfinished items floating about!

Some delicious home cooking….image from here.

Image from here.

Some pre baby crafting….image from here.

and here.

A few travel stories…..image from here.

A bit of gardening….image from here.

 Some gorgeous photos around Emma's home……

and, life in the country….both images from here.

If you haven't already discovered She Sows Seeds, please pop over and say hello to Emma.
I know her gorgeous blog won't disappoint you.
It's definitely worthy of a pot of tea and some alone time so you can emerse yourself in Emma's lovely life in country Victoria.

Stay up to date with She Sows Seeds on Bloglovin, Facebook and Instagram.

Special thanks to Emma for taking the time to partake in 'Our Catching Up With' Series, especially being so close to having her baby. Best wishes Emma and I look forward to reading the next instalment of She Sows Seeds- The Next Generation!
Such exciting times ahead for you both! xx

All images courtesy of Emma Steendam, She Sows Seeds.

Enjoy xx

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