Wednesday, 11 June 2014

This little piggy went to…… Bundarra Berkshires

Just down the road from my favourite egg farmers, a few kilometres east of Barham (Southern NSW) you will find another wonderful farming business- Bundarra Berkshires

Owned and run by Lauren and Lachy Mathers, 'Bundarra Berkshires' is a 100 acre free range, pig farm. The Mather's breed Berkshire pigs which are reknown for producing very flavoursome and tender meat. The pigs roam free and graze on natural pastures. Happy pigs make for delicious meat!

Despite Bundarra Berkshires being an hours drive away from where I live, it was still a good opportunity to call in to visit their farm, meet Lauren and buy fresh meat that was literally cut up in front of me. Lauren is a self taught butcher who is an absolute whizz in their farmstead butchery. The great thing about visiting is that you really get a better understanding of where your produce comes from and the hardwork and dedication that this family puts into raising their animals and supplying us, the consumer, with a top quality product. It was lovely watching Lauren's two small daughters race around on their bikes outside whilst we chatted about pigs, farming and food.

Lauren and Lachy are very much involved in the local farming community and Lauren in particular is involved with quite a few food groups. They are a part of The Backroads Trail and Red Gum Food Group, which both do a great  job in promoting the food producers of the area. Their farm is proof of their iniative, passion and hardwork in building up a hobby in to a successful business and a wonderful 'one stop farm shop'. 

Through a recent crowdfunding event they managed to raise about $18,000 which will be used to build a commercial kitchen and a dry curing chamber along side their butchery,  enabling them to make all their own small goods on farm.

They also run a few Workshops on sausage making, butchering a whole hog and also how to cure and smoke your meat in the traditional way. On the 21st of this month they will be hosting Hogfest which is a winter weekend workshop where you will learn how to butcher a whole pig and make all sorts of delicious small good pieces. Includes a long lunch and optional to stay on for dinner and camping. Check out the website for more details….Sounds like a fun weekend for any foodie or wannabe home butcher!

For more details on where and how you can purchase some Bundarra Berkshires pork please see their   website.

And if you live or are visiting Melbourne and don't feel like cooking but rather prefer dining out, you can still experience Bundarra Berkshires Pork at Movida Aqui, Movida Original, Bar Nacional, Pope Joan, The Majority-Brunswick. Locally you will find Bundarra Berkshires Pork at the Long paddock Food Store, Koondrook.

I have to say, my visit to Bundarra Berkshires was so much nicer than the usual visit to the supermarket… it's time to cook up my pork goodies! xx

Bundarra Berkshires
929 East Barham Road, Barham, NSW
Ph. 03 54532392 or 0458 532333

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Recently nominated for the 2014 ABC Delicious Produce Awards (well done guys!!!)

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  1. I'd love to do a butchering class! Reckon you would appreciate meat so much more and get so much better value with such knowledge.


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