Friday 2 August 2013

DIY Polymer Clay Bubble Necklace

When I was a child I went through a FIMO phase. My sister and I would save our pocket money and then when we went to town (which was a few hours away) we would head straight to the craft shop and spend ages picking and choosing what colours we wanted. Back then (some time in the mid eighties), FIMO was quite an expensive commodity to a ten year old. On memory, it was about $5 a piece and so we could only ever afford to buy one or two. Mum would generally feel sorry for us and buy us some to add to our collection. Perhaps it was her way of hurrying us up- choosing colours was a very important decision to make and ate into precious shopping time.

Once home, we would 'FIMO' away, moulding, sculpting, rolling and creating little masterpieces which included minature animals, people, doll house furniture and jewellery. It provided hours of fun.

With the weekend approaching, here is a fun little project which will inject some creativity and colour into your world. And perhaps like me, take you back (just a few years) to your childhood.

These necklaces are so easy to make. The hardest part is getting to Spotlight (or your local craft supplies store) to buy what you need. If you cant find what you need locally, try Ebay. The clay is actually a bit cheaper but the downside is you are guessing with colours and availability.

Follow the steps and within an hour you will have one or more cute colourful necklaces to add to your collection!

Try using one colour and mixing with white to get a gradual Ombre Bubble Necklace 
like the one below.

Photo from delighted momma

Some tips for working with the clay-
* Using latex gloves helps with alleviate fingerprints
* Dont overbake clay- it will crack if left in oven too long
* Dont be afraid to mix colours- its amazing what you can come up with including the leftover pieces.
* Instead of knotting string, you could join with magnetic clasps or other clips-
look in the jewellery section of Craft Store for options.
* Play around with the sizes of the beads.....and try different shapes too.
* Do a Pinterest search if you need some extra inspiration.
* Include the children-they will have a blast!

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this project...Happy beading!

Have a great weekend x

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  1. Wow it looks so straightforward and simple! The results are so pretty :)


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