Thursday, 1 August 2013

Some dreamy Jewels to drool over!

A piece of jewellery, be it the real deal or just costume, can really spruce up any outfit.
It also says a lot about your personality. 
Here are some pieces I came across which I love.
Its funny how they don't all compliment each other, 
but they somehow reflect a bit of me and what I like!

Lobo luxe- Blush Image Earrings- $182

My favourite piece of jewellery is a gorgeous string of pearls given to me by my husband a few years ago as a surprise. The suprise was a gift in itself! These pearls are beautiful. They are just a smidge too long so Im thinking of taking two pearls off and making them into a pair of earrings.....just a thought!
A girl can never have too many pearls!

Have you a favourite piece of jewellery? What is it and why?...

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