Thursday 29 August 2013

Ive finally discovered Instagram...and I love it!

I recently discovered Instagram...yes, welcome to 2013! Finally!!!

It's not that I hadn't heard of Instagram but rather had placed it in my 'Oh My... another social media gadget I need to learn, and well, don't have time too!' balloon.
It's a bit like Twitter- I set up a  twitter account ages ago, but have NO IDEA how to TWEET. And more importantly, haven't found a good reason to motivate myself to learn how to tweet, and benefit from it. I don't really care what Miley Cyrus is wearing (or not wearing), nor what she has to say.  But I know there has to be a more positive way of using it- like participating in live TV perhaps? Im not totally sold! (and Im not that quick on my phone either!!!)

Since setting up this blog though, Ive learnt how Instagram plays a big role in the blogging world (as does Twitter). Most bloggers have Instagram accounts linked to their blogs. Its another way of reaching out to readers and discovering even more blogs, websites, and just everyday people expressing themselves.

I love it because of the photos- its a simple concept.
I enjoy flicking through each photo taken and seeing the world through other peoples eyes.
It's so quick and easy to participate- especially thanks to cameras on phones and fantastic apps that help edit Photos which then at a press of a button , goes straight to your instagram account.
It's basically Facebook but on a visual level.

When I set up this blog I did make the decision not to add the Instagram link button- I was in that zone where I would deal with it later. But as we were on the road the last few weeks travelling, I decided to have a play and see where it led me. I quickly and very easily set up an account. I searched for my favourite bloggers and even just 'cruised' my way through random photos posted. I cannot lie, it was very addictive! I came across a young girl who was 13 and her photos were amazing- how inspiring to know what talent there is out there. I just wish I had 'followed' her but that was in my early days of playing and not understanding how Instagram worked. I do have a problem still with following random people I don't really know....I can't help but feel like Im stalking someone. But Im sure this will pass. I must confess I don't yet completely understand the @ and # thingy's. Again, Im slowly learning, but if any readers know about the etiquette of instagramming, please let me know!!!!!

Funnily enough (or otherwise the universe opening doors for me), I then was reading a post on FatMumSlim's blog earlier this week about the FMS Photo A Day Challenge. I have often heard of these but again not being into Instagram, I had no idea what it entailed. Reading the post I decided that this challenge would be a fun daily activity for me to learn more about Instagram as well as expel some creative juices. Not that I need nor want another 'thing' to do, but, I take photos all the time on my phone so why not play the game and have some fun.

I have printed off September's list and am ready to go...


So, here I am.....tillywillso (thats my instagram name!!!!ha!) with all of my 7 followers who Im sure are due to a facebook default...but thank you all the same.

The challenge begins on Sunday and hopefully I can keep up and complete the task.
To jump on board, click here for more information on how to play.

My next challenge, should I succeed will be.....#7vignettes

Are you into Instagram?  Any tips to share?????

Happy Snapping!

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