Thursday 10 October 2013

The Big Move!

So I've been off air the past month. Life has been very crazy. Out of nowhere my husband was offered a job and within 2 weeks we had packed up the three kids, two dogs and all our belongings, and moved to a country town a few hours away where we knew no-one. We left behind the security of family and friends and a town that we had set up everything we needed. Thankfully we didn't have to move far and the idea of moving to a place where we knew no-one also didn't scare us either. We are friendly folk and enjoy a social gathering so how hard can it be setting up a new life? I also think having kids is always a good friend magnet- parks, playgroups, pre school, supermarket trips, etc.... in fact within a week we had been put in touch with a friend's cousin who lives here and they invited us to 2 year old birthday party and now a local play group- YAY!

We found a gorgeous old house to rent in the centre of town. It has a big back yard and space for us all to race around. I still have lots of boxes to unpack- thats a gradual process that will take a bit- however, Im excited about filling it with our bits and bobs and turning it into our home.

The children are loving a big garden and its been so nice to enjoy the spring weather with them outside chasing butterflies and playing hide and seek.

I hope to get back into blogging and share my room by room make overs.
Lots to do and on a budget. As it is a rental property, we can't unfortunately get the paintbrush out and go paint crazy, but I think we can transform what we have into something very family friendly and homely.

Had to share the gorgeous magnolias from our front garden......

So- welcome to our new house and new start.....!!!
Lots to do so better go.....


  1. What a gorgeous house! And I love that you've settled in so nicely too, it sounds like a great town to live in :D


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