Sunday 19 January 2014

3/52- Weekly stills

1. Late afternoon cuddles on the couch - such special moments x
2. Taken outside our local library- love the colourful knitted stockings on the bike racks
3. Its been a week of Apricots…..they look and taste so delicious! Ive stocked up and have an apricot tart in mind for these babies!
4. My little succulent family
5. Old building in near by town of Mathoura
6. A reminder of the scorching week had- CFA truck fuelling up at a local petrol station
7. I love this landscape. Photo taken on The Cobb Highway between Moama and Mathoura.
8. My aggies didn't take well to a week of 40 deg plus weather. The gorgeous cornflower blue firework balls add so much colour to the garden
9. Sorry- couldn't resist….Meet Mrs Watermelon head!!! And yes, she tastes yummy x
10. I found a new cafe in town- Johnny & Lyle- a must for all locals and anyone visiting Echuca.
11. And finally, to top off my week, I was thrilled to find my instagram photo made it to the Sunday Style magazine. You will have to excuse me for being excited….its my first time ever! You can find the recipe to this yummy Raspberry and Honeycomb ice cream here!


  1. hello beautiful woman!! Your photography is AMAZING and i'm totally in love with the yarn bombed bike racks

    xx em

    1. Thanks Em so much for dropping by xx……and for your kind words. I need to have a week with you learning from the master!!! Hope you are having a good week…..loving the new Family Home Project! Kx


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