Monday, 28 April 2014

16/52 Weekly Stills

1. A little lone bunny (aka Funny Bunny) having a quiet moment on the couch- very rare in our house!
2. Sunny autumn day…somewhere out near Barham!
3. Last batch of Hot Cross Buns for the year.
4. A batch of Anzac biscuits made Anzac Day morning.
5. Sunday afternoon bush walk along the banks of the Murray River.
6. This little one spent the entire walk gazing up to the trees and saying 'tall'. Too cute x


  1. Lovely stills. Those hot cross buns look absolutely scrumptious!

  2. Thanks Leaf for dropping by - The buns were delsih and actually a bit sad that we have to wait another year to make some more….. xx

  3. what a lovely idea of a weekly post. might have to borrow it...

    1. Thanks Mel- its such a good way to document the week in pictures and makes me use my camera more. Im by no means a good photographer but its a good excuse to practice! Look forward to seeing your weekly stills soon xxx


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