Thursday, 3 April 2014

Local is Lovely- The Book!

Yesterday was a very happy mail day…..I received my copy of  Local is Lovely by Sophie Hansen, which I ordered last week after it's official launch in Orange.

Sophie Hansen is a food writer, well known blogger (of the foodie blog Local is Lovely), farmer's wife, mother and a brilliant cook who is very passionate about cooking with fresh, seasonal produce. This book is a collection of delicious recipes- most of Sophie's but also of the food producers from which she sources her food from. 

Sophie and her husband Tim run a successful deer farm business in Orange, NSW, so farming is very close to their heart. They sell their venison and also have farm kitchen lunches, which is on my bucketlist to do one day!

Ive been following Sophie's blog for about 18 months- it was actually the first blog I started following, and Ive been a big fan ever since. I love Sophie's style of writing, her photography is beautiful, stories about food and producers interesting, and her recipes always leaves me feeling very hungary! I also love reading her weekly Friday List too.

In her introduction, Sophie describes her cooking style as "Not fancy stuff, but simple, tasty, family food that has a story and fits with the season".

This book is not just a cookbook (which happens to be filled with mouthwatering, delicious recipes) but also goes behind the scenes with the food producers and their stories. It is divided into seasons which makes for easy cooking and filled with lovely stories all the way through. Sophie's mother, Annie Herron, has also provided some lovely illustrations. 

I went to bed last night making up a list and feeling hungary as I read through all the recipes I just cannot wait to try…..Goats cheese fritters, walnut, honey and carrot cake, twelve hour pork with apples and cider, peach crumble cake, roast chicken pieces with tarragon and garlic, spring quiche (even though its autumn!!!), honey granola……the list goes on…….

You can purchase the book here. Pefrect Mother's day gift…..just a thought! And if you havent already discovered Sophie's blog, check that out too!

Have a lovely day…Im off to make some crumpets with salted honey butter for a morning tea snack…..mmmmmmm x


  1. I've been eyeing off this book a bit lately as it is in every book shop I do into! I only just found out she is a blogger too. It's on my list of must get :)

    1. Hi Mel- can highly recommend…it is a lovely Australian Country Cookbook and another book I read page to page like a novel. Ive cooked a dozen recipes already! Sophie's blog is a must too….gorgeous photos and lovely foodie posts! You will be hooked!! xx


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