Monday 7 April 2014

Some Easter Egg fun for the kids….

On Saturday I popped down to the markets to stock up on some more eggs from my favourite local egg supplier- Little Forest Produce from Barham, on the NSW/Vic border.

On display they had this lovely bowl of decorated eggs- I love the pretty and delicate patterns of the leaves and flowers!
This bowl was proving very popular with the children. Not only do they look good, but its a great school holiday activity for the kids, and they can be still eaten or used purely for decoration.

So, Here is what you will need-
12 white eggs- they must be white so the dyed water stains better
5 onion skins
A pot to fit the eggs
sewing thread
old stockings
leaves, flowers, grass, etc

Put onion skins (just the brown crunchy outer bit) in a pot with water and boil for at least 20 minutes but longer is fine.
Collect little leaves, flowers, grass, etc.
Cut stockings into 7cm tubes and then down one side to open the sticking out flat.
Wet the leaf/s and put in place on the egg. Wetting helps hold it in place.
Wrap the stocking carefully over the leaves and twist really tight.
Secure by wrapping cotton around 10-15 times. No need to tie in a knot. Trim the excess stocking.
Place in the boiling water carefully (you dont want the egg to pop!) with a big spoon and boil in onion water for 9 minutes. 
Then take out and allow to cool. Cut stocking off. 
Remove the leaves and rub with olive oil.

Note- These eggs can be eaten or used as a beautiful decoration.
Idea from 12 good Eggs- Little Forest Produce

If wanting other colours but still using natural dyes, try using tea leaves, beetroot, parsley…etc.
A great link for a really good range of colours can be found here.

Now, if you are wanting some colour try these two fun projects below.

How pretty is this Eggshell Tealight Candle Centrepiece?
If you dont have a fancy egg holder like the one in the photo…try just using egg cups and they can be placed or scattered around the table or mantlepiece. You can find how to make them here.

 Image from Little Inspiration

And finally…this easter egg garland made with paint chips. Very easy to make and looks fantastic! 
Tutorial can be found here.

So that should keep the kids (and yourself, like in my case) busy for a few days but certainly help add some easter fun to your home.

Dont forget to enter our First Birthday Competition. Drawn Tuesday 8th April at 9pm. Winner announced on Wednesday 9th April here on the blog. Entry details here.

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