Monday, 5 May 2014

17/52 Weekly Stills

We have just arrived home from a lovely long weekend in Somers, Victoria. The purpose of the weekend was to celebrate my Mother in Law's special Birthday- so lots of family time catching up with cousins and siblings/in laws, and enjoying good food and great company!

Despite being cold and almost winter, we took our eldest two down to the beach for some sand castle making and exploring the rock pools. They had a ball and the expedition totally wore them out.

The girls (that is, The Birthday Queen,  my three lovely sister in law's, plus myself) headed off to the Salix Restaurant at Willow Creek Winery for a quick coffee overlooking the vineyard- so pretty- quite a tough chore really- whilst  the boys were left at home to mind all the children!

We also snuck in a walk through a "nature corridor" that was at the back of the house my In Laws were staying in. Apparently a place where lots of kaola's once lived but have recently moved away from. Pity we missed the koala's, but it was such a nice way to get some fresh air and walk off all the party food consumed!

Such a small village but so many lovely things to do!

Hope you had a good week!

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  1. Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend Kylie. Willow Creek champagne is a favourite of ours. Such a lovely winery too. Yvette x


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