Monday, 12 May 2014

18/52 weekly Stills

1. I took a quick overnight trip to visit a very dear friend who lives in north west NSW during the week. This was the landscape for most of the trip. It was so lovely to catch up and see where she is now living- an oasis amongst the harsh yet beautiful australian landscape.
2. Royal Mail Hotel at Booroorban.
3. Rain on its way…..
4. This bright and cheery sign on a property mailbox- Happy Mother's Day!
5. Back home and catching up on some washing. It did rain but the sun came out- love the light this time of year! It even makes the washing look pretty…..
6. Outside our kitchen/living room is this beautiful pomegrante tree. It is so lovely watching it as it changes throughout the year. The tree is full of ripe fruit (which Im trying to use….any suggestions are very welcome!!) and the leaves have now turned the most gorgeous bright yellow, which looks so pretty against a sunny bright blue sky as the backdrop.
7. Our little man has an absolute fascination with boats as the moment and a trip down to the Port is his favourite thing to do. Toot Toot!!!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend 
celebrating Mother's Day….xx

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  1. I am really enjoying exploring your blog. I am so glad that I found it. So many of the places & towns that you mention are very familiar to me. Great photography, great posts. So looking forward to following this blog and reading each post.


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