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Catching up with Janelle from A White Farm Blog!

Today on our 'Catching up with' series, I'm excited to introduce a fellow country mum blogger, Janelle, who writes the lovely and very homely blog, A White Farm.

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I first discovered A White farm on Instagram last year, and since then I love seeing Janelle's daily snippet's taken around her home and of her latest crafty project.

Janelle's home is, as the name of her blog states…. white, and then filled with pops of colour throughout which changes regularly depending on her daily mood and inspiration. As you will learn, she has an eye for finding an old piece of furniture and, with a simple coat of paint, giving it a gorgeous makeover. I love that she has fun with colour and her home is classic with a fun, colourful, modern twist! She is also pretty clever with a set of knitting needles or a crocheting hook!!!

Janelle is a busy wife and Mum to three children, living on a farm in western Victoria. A White Farm began a few years ago as a place where Janelle could share all things in life that she was loving at that moment, especially her home DIY crafty projects, favourite recipes and decorating style ideas. She has just under 4500 followers on Instagram (I think that says a lot!!!) and has a wonderful sense of humour- I love reading her posts and instagram feeds- they always make me laugh. I feel like Im catching up with an old friend- silly huh? But that is because of Janelle's warm and friendly personality that shines through. Her instagram often acts as a bit of a forum amongst her dedicated followers, as to what colour should a new find be painted, or thoughts on rug placement, new cushion colour, etc.

So….without wasting anymore time, here is Janelle answering a few questions!

1. My personal style? Hhhmmm....tricky one. This can change from one week to the next!! I think the constant theme would be neutrals, white (of course!!) child-friendly, a good mish mash of homemade and store bought, usually a good bargain...I so believe that you don't have to have a huge budget to create a beautiful cosy home, in fact I think the less you have to spend you usually have to put more thought and creativity into it so hence it becomes that much more personal  to you and your family. Of course I appreciate high quality and luxury but I also love the thrill of a good thrift find too!! I tend to grab inspiration from anywhere and everywhere...mags, pinterest, blogs, and my favourite - many gorgeous creative inspiring REAL homes out there!!

2. I love most about my home - I think the light and space...when we built this house this was one of the main features we wanted so we have loads of windows which catch the light and sun pretty much all day long and it's very open plan. I also love how it's growing with us all the time...little bits and pieces being added as we grow as a family. I like to use the kid's own artworks and lots of photos to help make it a real family space.

3. Why did you start blogging? I started A White Farm blog after becoming so obsessed and inspired by other blogs out there. I kind of felt the need to start my own. I have always loved writing but apart from the grocery list and the odd school note there really isn't much call for writing as a SAHM! I also love the connection it creates between other like minded creative people out there. It also gives me some focus and reflection on my own life which might otherwise just kind of drift along.

4. Three things I could not live without? This one has kind of stumped me! Let's go with ipad (sad I know but it's pretty much attached to me), knitting needles/crochet hook, and a good home magazine - I have reeeeally tried to live without them but nope...cannot resist the temptation!!!

5. Current DIY project?Mmmmm…there may be more than one on the go...there's usually a few happening in various stages around here. I'm excited to be in the first stages of revamping an old set of drawers that will live in our bedroom, a few stools are waiting for a coat of paint, as are a few plant pots. Alot of craft is also on the go in preparation for an online  AWhiteFarm shop of some type to commence in the (hopefully!!) not so distant future!

6. Fave colour combo...I can never go past black and white. It just always seems to work. Although pop a bright mint, turqoise or melon etc amongst it and you really have a winner!! 

7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I would jet off to any small coastal town where I can hit the beach with the fam. Or Sweden/Amsterdam/Denmark where I could randomly knock on people's doors and poke through their beautiful homes!?!

8. Fave time of the day? - probably the evening wind down…closing blinds, flicking on lamps, getting cosy and ready for some quiet craft time!!

9. What do you love most about living in the country? I love living in the country because my family is SO loud I don't think we could live amongst other human beings without being told to shut up!! And the fresh air...the fresh country air cannot be beaten...especially when raising kids.

10. Favourite recipe - it's got to be a toss up between my mum's Chocolate Hedgehog Slice and my nanna's French Tea Cake…both are on my blog and both are baked around here way too often!!

And I couldn't not share some of Janelle's lovely images from her gorgeous home…. so here are a few to sample!

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Special Thanks to Janelle for taking time to join us on TMCM!!! and sharing her gorgeous images with us.

When you get a moment, go grab yourself a cuppa and a comfy spot on the couch, and visit Janelle and her beautiful family home on her blog. You won't regret it!

A White farm can also be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy friday to all!!!!


  1. Aaaww thanks so much for having me over here Kylie!! Love getting to know other fun friendly bloggy mums!! So kind.... Janelle xxx

  2. I follow A White Farm on IG too, I love her style and pics. Thanks for sharing Kylie and well done Janelle, all looks so great.

  3. Lovely photos - thanks for introducing us to her blog!!


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