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Catching up with Prue Hufton from Olive & Clover

Today on our "Catching up with" series, we have the very clever and stylish Prue Hufton- owner and founder of the gorgeous online store, Olive & Clover.

You might recognise Prue from a recent article in January's Country Style magazine. Prue's family home, near Harden in NSW's south west slopes, was on display showing what talent Prue has for putting colours, textures and her favourite homewares together. She really does have a gift for putting things together and making them look so incredibly good and homely.

Prue's latest venture, Olive & Clover, is a lovely online boutique selling women's fashion, accessories and homewares, of which she runs from home. Having just opened almost a year ago, Prue has gradually been sourcing and adding to her store, filling it with beautiful and ecletic pieces that represent her style and personality- classic, sophisticated and fun! Stocking homegrown australian designers as well as some overseas ones too,  there are some truly divine items that will add some 'pizazz' to your wardrobe…and your home!

Prue's background is in interior styling and fashion marketing, so it's only natural that she has her finger on the pulse when it comes to undertanding new trends and styling. Her business offers styling advice and her showroom in Harden is open by appointment only. Otherwise, the convenience of online shopping makes it so much easier for us, and the rest of the world, to browse through Olive & Clover's wares. You can also find Olive & Clover at market days scattered around central and the south west slopes of NSW- so keep your eyes and ears open if you live in that area!

Prue writes a blog alongside her online store which is definitely worth a read. She writes regularly about new stock arrivals, fashion and style tips, homeware trends and country living. One post I particularly enjoyed was this one about the Art of High/Low Dressing. That is, the idea of combining a designer piece with a cheaper piece of clothing and still being able to make it look amazing without having to sell your house to fund your wardrobe!

It is also worth checking out Olive & Clover on Instagram and facebook  for regular photos and posts for inspiration on fashion and how Prue mix and matches o&c's clothing range.

It's no secret that Olive & Clover is one of my favourite online stores- its a place I go to, to drool and immerse myself in beautiful, classic and stylish pieces.

So, without  further ado ….here is Prue, answering some hardcore TMCM questions…..

1. How would you describe your personal style?
Feminine and sophisticated. But I always try to add a bit of fun to an outfit. I dont take fashion or style too seriously that's for sure. It could be a quirky necklace, or bright coloured shoes I will try to always have fun with my outfit.

2. What item in your wardrobe are you loving most at the moment?
My new "Flower Bomb" pants- they are so fun to wear. You can never have a bad day in something so bright and fun!

3. What inspires you?
 I do get a lot of inspiration from magazines and bloggers, but nowadays I find a lot of inspiration via Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram in particular, allows you to gain up to date inspiration from people the world over. People who you may not have heard of or been in contact with before. Locally, I get a lot of recipe inspiration from Local is Lovely by Sophie Hansen.

4. What beauty/fashion/decor items are you loving at the moment?
Beauty items- Cloud 9 Wand. Im thinking of embracing my hairs ability to create a wave all of its own. However, my hair needs a bit of help in creating a loose controlled wave, instead of the disheveled look it goes for on its own.
Fashion- A pair of black leather pants for winter. Not sure yet if they will be legging style or more of a loose boyfriend style pant?
Decor- rugs! We are currently in the process of ripping up the old carpet and some of the tiles in our house, exposing the beautiful floor boards underneath. With winter fast approaching we are going to be needing plenty of rugs. This one is currently on the top of my wish list!

5. Favourite piece on Olive & Clover site?
They are yet to arrive, but I am having my own vintage Kantha vests and jackets being made in India at the moment exclusively for Olive & Clover. I cant wait for them to arrive, which should hopefully be around April.

6. Ultimate travel destination and why?
Paris! Seriously, who doesn't love Paris? My husband and I travelled over to London a few years ago to visit some friends we have living there. We jumped on the train for a few days in Paris and it was by no means enough. We decided to ditch some of the tours of all the touristy things I had booked us in for and just spend our time walking the cobblestone streets and taking in as much of the atmosphere as we could. I can't wait to get back there one day.

7. What do you love most about living in the country?
I know this sounds cliche but it really is the best place to bring up children. From horse riding and motor bike riding every day after school- even my 3 year old can catch the bus to pre school has been a huge milestone and help our day to day lives. I guess I am lucky having my parents live in Sydney that we spend some of our school holidays up in the city, so the kids get to experience the best of both worlds.

8. What do you love most about your business?
Setting up and running my own online store has been something I have always wanted to do, but the timing was just never quite right. But now that the children are all growing up (the tricky toddler days are nearly behind us), things have just been working out as I had always hoped. I have always loved finding new and interesting products, and I have always loved finding unique fashion pieces to add to my eclectic wardrobe. People used to often say to me… can you take me shopping? or the next time you buy a dress can you buy two, one for you and one for me? This now gives me the opportunity to do that, and share my passion with women all over the world.

9. Five essential items for this Autumn/Winter?
A Vintage Kantha Blazer / Vest (of course)
Silk… anything!
Kimono Jacket
Great pair of boots
Warm woolly scarf.

10. Best styling tip?
A stripe Tee goes with just about everything.

Here are some of my favourite Olive & Clover pieces……

'Providore at Four' Blouse- so incredibly classic!

'The infamous & must have wardrobe item'……Saint James Stripe Tee

"Beach Cottage" Map Dress- fun, yet oozes so much style and grace!

Talitha Knit Wrap- OMG…..drop dead gorgeous!

Gypset Woolen Scarf- perfect for that cold winters day! How gorgeous are those pom poms??

Apple Dish- quite simply……cute!

Indigo Tweed Pot- perfect pop of colour on the kitchen bench filled with herbs!

Hopi Tray- see Prue's blog post here for a clever and fun way to add some art to your walls!

(All images from Olive & Clover website)

You can find Olive & Clover at the Milthorpe Markets  
this Sunday 6th April
8am- 4pm
Redmond Oval, Milthorpe
(Milthorpe is 3.5 hrs from Sydney and Canberra, 30 mins from Bathurst and 20mins from Orange)

If nearby, drop in and visit Prue and her lovely store!

Otherwise pop over to the website!!!

Special thanks for Prue in participating in our "Catching up with" series!

Until next time x


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    1. Thanks Yvette….too many nice things to look at! x


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